Skippycoin is the reward point digital coin of the Australian Regional Network and Australia's earliest country cryptographic coin

Born in Outback Central Australia the Skippycoin code is a fork of the successful open source Litecoin, a faster transaction coin, that was forked from the source of the now famous Bitcoin and Skippycoin has been raised to a current equivilent codebase that has proven highly secure

In closed development since 12th of Febuary 2014 ample coin has been mined with an initial goal that it can be given at low or no cost to all Australians and it is intended the token will be redeemable for Business and Community Advertising within the 1000+ Geo Media Websites of the Australian Regional Network. These nodes also serve as a vast network of distribution for the token

Above the one free or low cost coin, extra reward coin is available and sales of product through the Skippystore supports the Foundation in furthering the capability of the the token coin and partner network

With similatities to the Aurora Coin, the Digital Coin of Iceland the Skippycoin foundation aims to mittigate border leak problems that were experienced after their country ICG (Initial Coin Giveaway) primarily by restricting mining of the coin to licenced Australian entities only

Skippycoin is produced in the giving spirit of Aboriginal Law in Alice Springs and recognises our Mparntwe family and friends, the design of our coin reflects this in the first nations symbol of community meeting under the Southern Cross

If we are able to raise sufficient funds, it is intended that a portion of Skippycoin Foundation profits received will be directed to assist the Mparntwe Mens Council acheive an independant organisation where to this day not a single Aboriginal person is able to utilise their May-2000 awarded Land Right and build a home in the 134 square kilometers of Aboriginal land surrounding Alice Springs in land lock