The Skippycoin Foundation

Is the directing developer and caretaker of the Skippycoin
It's goals are:

To guide a functional and ethical digital token that is compliant with the laws and taxation laws of Australia. Create structure to contain the token mostly within Australia and ensure that all Australians receive an opportunity of a no cost or low cost share of token to the benefit of token holders, the supporting network, it's members and Australian! founders
Skippycoin is the token reward coin of the Australian Regional Network 1000+ United Australian town and city Geo Media websites and Skippycoin distribution nodes

Cryptographic Assett Technology is exploding across the world, and will in all certainty become a new and complex component of business and life. With billions of dollars flowing uncontollably from Australia to the dominating foreign owned search and social media services that have positioned themselfs solidly in-between doing day to day business, and with the next phase of international "Wild West" blockchain developments vaccuming wealth from Australia, the Foundation and the Australian Regional Network exists in attempt to plug some of that leak and give back to Australians

Imagine if Australians! own our own coin