Initial Coin Giveaway


Below details how you can get Skippycoin, including the FREE Skippycoin and how to get EXTRA Coin from the Skippystore and through the Skippybook

Skippycoin (SKC) is an Australian evolution of Litecoin and is Fractional Reserve. Like Bitcoin contains Shatoshi and Litecoin contains Lites. Our Country Coin also contains many units of value

One Skippycoin contains 1000 Roo each Roo contains 1000 Joey and each Joey contains 100 Bean
Each Australian may receive One Hundred Million Bean

Your Skippycoin contains 100,000,000 units (SKB) so don't miss out!

Get extra Coin

Australians! List your Business in the 1000+ Town and City websites of the Australian Regional Network
and be eligible for daily payments in Skippycoin. YES you read that correctly. We pay you in Skippycoin for Advertising your Business! Create an account in the ARN to see the current daily rates


Australian residents and limited International Investors may receive extra coin through purchasing collectable items in the Skippystore

Get your Free Coin!

Free coin is restricted to Australian residents. To be certain you are genuine and eligible your Skippycoin is availabe for collection in two ways.

1. Via Skippybook.com

Free and Recommended

We can transmit your Skippycoin via Registration and Three Factor Authentication to your Skippywallet Have your 04 Australian mobile and reliable email ready and prepare your wallet first



2. Via Registered Post

Does not require Mobile Phone

To contain Skippycoin within Australia, limit to residents only and ensure all an opportunity. We can post your Skippycoin on a Physical Digital Certificate also known as a "Paper Wallet" via Registered Post 

A Production Fee currently $20 applies for Post method

Mine your Coin

During development of the Skippycoin this past 4 years
(Est 12-Feb-2014)
The Skippycoin foundation has mined enough coin for all Australians to receive their free coin.

More coin is available to mine and Mining Licence is currently as rare as hens teeth and highly restricted to Australian Business Member applicants of the 1000+ Town and City websites of the Australian Regional Network

Create a listing for your business to be eligible for future invitations. To mine you must have a valid ABN


Imagine if the businesses of Australia mine our own coin