Skippycoin Initial Coin Orders

Each Cryptographic Skippycoin (SKC) contains
One Thousand Roo (SKR), or One Million Joey (SKJ)
or One Hundred Million Bean

100,000,000 SKB

Commemorative Souveneir Coins for Sale

Each physical Souveneir Coin is delivered with a certificate to authenticate your coin and as a Reward Point contains your Digital Coin that can be loaded into your Skippywallet


This Souveneir coin cast in Nickel comes with a physical Certificate of Authenticity and as reward contains 10 Skippycoin

Currently $200 ea


This beautiful Golden Plate Souveneir coin comes with Certificate of Authenticity and as reward containing 100 Skippycoin

Currently $1000 ea


This fascinating coin comes in full color Nickel with Ceramic Plate, Certificate of Authenticity and as reward containing 1000 Skippycoin

Currently $10,000 ea inc GST

Special Coins

Solid Silver

The above standard Silver, Gold and Color coins will arrive from manufacturing mid March, we hope to open sales soon

We plan to commission a Solid Silver Souveneir Coin at $100,000 with Certificate of Authenticity containing 15,000 coin

Among it's other potential uses the Digital Coin will be redeemable for many years of National Business Advertising across the Australian Regional Network in the Directory and Category of your choice

Venture Coins

Solid Gold

We plan to commission just a few very rare Solid Gold Souveneir Coins, collectable at $1,000,000 with a Certificate of Authenticity containing 200,000 Skippycoin
Ordering 2 or more of these coins comes with Personal Delivery by the Skippycoin Founders

Skippycoin, Australia's first Country Coin, is the Reward Point Digital Coin of Australia's largest Geographic Media Network the Australian Regional Network
Skippycoin as a token store of value is distributed to Australians throughout over 1000 community websites and will be redeemable for Business Advertising within the growing network. For genuine Australian business owners, as an alternate to buying coin, Create an Account in your region and list your business to be eligible for 5 to 100 reward Skippycoin